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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] >> hey, everybody. i'm sorry. i'm a little, um, sleepy. i've been hanging with my buddy matthew. [laughter] but we enjoyed the show, didn't we, buddy? where the [beep]?
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[laughter] he's probably waiting for me somewhere. i just wanted to say that, you know, during the show tonight there was some talk, i believe. [laughter] and that talk in no way is endorsed by cbs or me. or anybody else. really. man, i'm so [beep] high right now. [laughter],,,,
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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> new video shows police ramming a get away car but it's what happens next that makes this such an incredible story. >> yet another video that convinces a judge of possible police wrongdoing. why the police chief said not so fast. >> almost eight million dollars or more in a period of five weeks i think is unbelievable. >> with all the cuts that bay area schools finally new hope. tonight one man comes to the rescue and saves a 119-year-old tradition. >> good evening. i'm ken bat stay.
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>> i'm dana king. it's like cops in haywood. cameras rolling when police collided burglary suspects. officers have been trying to catch them for hours and police finally arrested two of them. >> one near darwin and portsmith and all day pursuit then started a home burglary call not far from there. elizabeth cook shows us the important moment in the chase. >> reporter: it's almost like
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the surveillance cameras were meant to be here at this moment at this place. here you can see the police car and the suspect jeep hit each other head on. almost immediately the suspects take off, one sprints away, another barely escapes the officer and the third darts behind the crash in the opposite direction of his comrades and away from the camera. another point of view shows the almost caught suspect running away as the officer calls for back up. here you can see it would have the suspects sprinting down the residential street and into the neighborhood. police thought one was hiding in brandon's house. >> i think they thought he was in the backyard or in the field. >> reporter: before noon they caught one of the suspects. >> we did locate one in the out building in an area where he was described to have fled. >> reporter: neighbors say they have seen a rash of break-ins. >> it's very scary. especially with all these kids and playing riding bikes. >> they have been having a lot of home invasions lately and the cops had been passing out flyers. >> reporter: now it would have the suspects were arrested and charged witha soughing a police officer and burglary. the third remains on the loose. now kenny interesting side note. police found that one of the suspects was hiding in an home in this neighborhood. they called his cell phone, he answered, said yep i'm the guy you want. he gape up and they arrested
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him. police haven't released the name its of the suspects only that they are from hayward and oakland. >> justified the other guy's cell phone number. >> more accusations of police misconduct, another video that appears to show officers entering an apartment without consent. grace lee reports it's enough to convince a judge to dismiss a criminal case. >> reporter: more police misconduct allegedly, three officers entered an apartment in the richmond district without the owner's consent. >> this is a situation that the officers had no probable cause, no search warrant. >> reporter: he said first the officers entered illegally by following a resident into the garage, a camera in the hallway shows the defendant walking out of his apartment on his way to the store.
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officers say they could smell marijuana so he walked back in and presented them with his medical marijuana card. >> as i come out the second time they tried to coerce their way in. i told them no. >> reporter: a judge dismissed this case today because the video didn't match the officer's written statement. the attorney said the video saved his client from serving several years in state prison for two felony charges. >> he would have been slammed. >> reporter: this comes just one month after a federal investigation was opened alleging that san francisco police had entered the henry hotel without consent. surveillance shows an officer blocking the view of the camera. >> in reference to when he called this dramatic video and it's not that dramatic. . >> reporter: the police chief said he believes the officers had the right to enter and had probable cause because there
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was a complaint. >> i won't jump up and down and panic every time jeff says the sky is falling. >> the smell of marijuana in is city isn't an emergency circumstance. >> reporter: police say they found an electronic scale and nearly a pound of marijuana. that's why he is facing two felony charges, one count of transportation and one for intent to sale but he has been cleared of those. >> thank you. she won settlements in connection with sexual harassment suits and now the lieutenant with the concord police department is facing one from a civil community officer. the suit accuses her of sexually harassing her subordinary. she is also accused of hugging and us kissing the man. she was paid $150,000 to settle
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a harassment and discrimination suit. >> now the fight for control of libya. gadhafi's forces gaining ground against the rebels. government troops recaptured a strategic oil town. coalition and nato fighters are keeping the planes grounded but his forces arming vans and suv's making them hardero spot and rebel forces are pleading for more help. this is not my profession but what we can do now? we must do anything to push this hell and nobody help us. >> reporter: and tonight reports that the president signed a secret order authorizing covert support for the rebels but nato said the united states role will be scaled back. also a sign that japan's nuclear crisis is impacting outs food. a low level of radiation has
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been detected in milk samples in washington state. the feds say its five thousand times below the fda risk level. in japan un inspectors are picking up radiation levels outside the current zone. those readings 25-miles the plant and are about two times higher than what normally prompts the agency to tell people to clear out. crews going against the clock to try to fix a sink hole this is flash flooding last week. mark sayer on why this will have to be a quick but lasting fix. >> reporter: the pacific coast mobile home park is in blackness tonight, the power still out and no sewer or water service, all 43 spaces have been red or yellow tagged nobody is allowed to be here over night. >> your life goes limbo for a couple weeks until you get back
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in. >> reporter: keith doesn't know if he will ever be able to go back. >> it's undermined by a hole and they are talking to me about moving. >> reporter: what was first thought be a new sink hole opened up but its been determined it's an existing one which is now expanding. there are some science of hope. crews working as fast as possible to repair the drain pipes that were ripped out by the creek that flooded the park and village as well. >> more than anything the focus is trying to get a pipe back in the ground, get that repaired, fortunately have rain forecasted for friday into saturday. >> reporter: at betsy summer house antiques one of the businesses hard hit the owner said she is slowly getting back on her feet but is keeping it in prospect speckive. >> we are surviving, it's not japan. it's just a lot of mopping. >> reporter: the flooding also hit the structure, both the
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fire and police departments were flooded and all of this carpet had to be pulled out from inside of city hall, it all needs to be replaced. i'm mark sayer, cbs5. >> in san pablo frustrated homeowners talking about this big landslide. the city said its working with state and federal agencies to get emergency funding for repairs. the ground first started giving way on thursday and damaged six homes in hillcrest road. three are yellow tagged tonight, one said it's a race against time to save her home. >> engineers could be taking -- done now, not months or weeks, has to be done now. no one has the funds to do it. >> so the answers were vague but at this point we don't know the answers. >> the city said its testing the stability of that hillside. little to early to say what kind of repairs can be made in
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funding becomes available. it isn't clear who will pay for all of this. >> another probaseball player testified that he received performance enhancing drugs greg anderson. he is the 4th to admit he got the subdance in 2002. his 16 year career included two year was the a's. bonds is charged about lie that he never knowingly took steriods. prosecutors are bringing athletes to show anderson had access to steriods and told the players about the drugs and how to use them. >> and coming up with budget cuts taking its toll on bay area schools some hope is on the horizon. how one man is trying to keep cal's boys of summer on the mound. >> space history. the new pictures of the closest planet to the sun. >> and former governor is back
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in action. the new challenge that he is ready to take on. >> half a dozen record high temperatures today. now tomorrow the neighborhood that will flirt with near 90 degrees as eyewitness ne,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ only you ♪ ♪ is all i see of you with so many it's hard to see the difference. but this is the way most dentists choose. fact is, more dentistsse an oral-b toothbrush than any other brush. trust the brush more dentists and hygienists use...oral-b. there is word tonight it could be reinstated next year after . cal baseball may not have struck out after all. there is word tonight that it could be reinstated next year. we caught up with the man
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making it happen. >> three more. >> reporter: the crack of the bat, the yell of play ball seems like it'll die on this diamond. berkeley was out of sports money so that meant 119 years of baseball had struck out until a former pitcher. >> i played for cal for four years and it was a great time in my life. . >> reporter: took not to the mound but to the internet and telephone. >> raising almost $8 million or more in a period of five weeks i think. >> reporter: the fundraising isn't just unbelievable but unprecedented. 9 the zeal meant the attorney would put his money where his mouth is contributing five hundred thousand of his own money, then. >> got a -- donor or two to put up a million dollar matching gift and that helped. >> reporter: in five weeks the pledge drive generated enough to fund cal baseball for the
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next eight years. you think the university would shout play ball, instead a spokesman declined an interview saying the $9.4 million gift and those who donated still need to be verified. gordon said he was told what the university is seeking a guarantee. >> you have raised 9.4 million, the university wants ten million dollars. >> correct. >> reporter: he believes the university won't reinstate baseball until that gap is met. > are you worried they won't take this 9.4 million there are offer? >> i'm worried that there is a chance for -- reinstating baseball at cal. >> reporter: he continues to work his contacts. >> i'm a bit anxious, more than a bit. >> reporter: trying to raise the extra money by friday. >> that's go bears. >> it is. >> reporter: in berkeley, robert lyles. >> nasa is showing us
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something we have never seen before. this is the first ever photograph of mercury from a space craft in the planet's orbit. it shows mercury is pock marked with craters from ast, roids and comets. this shows the megger entering the orbit. the planet is known for extreme temperatures ranging from 600 degrees to minus185. >> he is back. arnold is back with a newn 't mated television series called the governator. >> my entire career basically if it's body building, action, the governor ship, all those things and combines them into one and makes it into this. >> reporter: the cartoon will focus on a superhero living a double life as a married man, the series is planned as the
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first part of a franchise. >> looked like he could governor today if he wanted. hasn't aged that much. >> big job. >> hair looked perfect. >> using lots of sun block. >> looks nice and healthy and needs the sun block. we 74 degrees. as the sunset and santa cruz, coast is where you want it be tomorrow. we will soar up to 90 degrees in some of the inland areas right now. walnut creek at 60. it's 68 sunny vail. the penninsula low 60s, 56 degrees. six record highs including 85 santa rosa, warmer than that in napa. then in san rafael, 82 san francisco, shattering the old record, and 83 degrees in oakland. it was 79 mountain view, tonight, overnight clear skies,
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40s and 50s, tomorrow morning don't forget the sunglasses and light jacket or sweater because we have high pressure strengthening as it does so it'll contribute to near or record warmth mainly santa rosa, oakland and san jose but we will bring in a couple more cities. in fact with the warmer weather we will see a problem with the pollen. i know a lot of are you out there sneezing and wheezing. it's because of the tree count. it-continues to block. your temperature, 80 pacifica to 87 degrees in antioch, brentwood, tracy, oakley, otherwise 87 should be the outside number action then we cool it down with increasing clouds friday. that's a transition day, cloudy, breezy, partial clearing on sunday, full sun on monday and then cloud back on tuesday, bring it back -- back of the a boat. can you see the rainbow? that was on sunday. we invite you to bring your photographs. i wanted to see the warm
1:58 am
weather photographs . >> you will get them. >> all right. >> we -- what's that strange looking castle tower thing? ken will have the answer. ,,,,,,
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. people have seen this thing on the side of the road for dozens and dozens of decades but nobody seems to know what it is. what is behind the story behind this strange castle looking tower? tonight's good question. >> its be standing here along old paigemille road since 1875. >> the french man here in the area came to the area in the early 1870s and he had his workman, sometime in the late 1870s come out and build this tower. >> reporter: a local historian said the 40-foot tower has been covered in mystery for over 140 years nobody really knows what it is. >> the ideas have been wild, ranging from aliens to storing
2:01 am
his gold, silver, perhaps a boundary, it's near the edge of his property line. >> reporter: there is a plaque that says it was part of an irrigation project. he is skeptical. >> it's more than a mile from where most of his barns, house and other residences were. to build a water supply thing here doesn't make sense. . >> reporter: the tower has no door, it's windows have been bricked shut and the upper floor has broken down. he for years has offered a reward for anyone what can unlock the mystery. >> someone has to prove it. if they do i will make you famous. i will get your name in the paper and you will have solved the 140-year-old mystery of the tower. >> reporter: go to and click on connect to send me your good questions. >> okay. what were the last two giants to win back to back rookie of
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everyone's happy. french's. happy starts here. look for it in the canned vegetable aisle. . like the night before christmas. >> opening day tomorrow. we will have hot dogs, the newsroom. get ready to play. . >> buster posey won the rookie of the year award for the giants. many thought they could make it two years in a row for the first time since the 50s
2:05 am
brandon belt played his way on to the team and has been penciled in as the new starting first baseman. he had a great opening, 13 runs batted in, we caught him just after getting the news from the manager. >> make the team? >> yeah. all right. >> got a lot of emotions trying to contain. got -- thank you. i nearly started crying. it's -- i try not to be to big of a wuss but it's hard when you have been dreaming about this your entire life and it finally comes true. back to back rookie of the year awards in 1958 and 59. cal as brayden didn't allow a run for the a's. madison nearly that good. only a run in six innings, he struck out six but had a spring
2:06 am
run average of close to six. stewart, coming home and that's a walk off -- giants sweep and it officially starts tomorrow. it turns out the bay area does have a men's national basketball champion after all. the broncos tipped off against the gal es in the college insider championship. they are traveling to new york and it was worth the airfare. then -- they put down two of the 14, bronco would take the lead. kevin foster, three more, he had a team high 16, broncos win their first postseason tournament and finish 24-14. warriors trying to play spoiler against the grizzlelies who cling to the 8th play off spot -- warriors led by ten
2:07 am
second half but the grizzlelying led by 12. allen with the big dunk to give them the lead. memphis wins and the top five please. >> smell a little blood. >> shaky. >> to aggressive. >> open -- the -- he lot of the point and launched the ball toward the baby. he was booed. >> the -- john wahl going at it. he was ejected for throwing the fun. he beats the wizards. number three, have you enemies, lowry into the crowd, sixers beat the rockets. paul gill getting slammed in to the glass, shatters all effort place. number one, can i have more kevin foster? >> foster at the buzzer. >> it's time -- how about a
2:08 am
little banana foster? >> thank you. foster -- it's not the nca tournament but santa clara --. >> i think i heard a baby crying. >> i have been throwing that ball right at that baby. >> you think he really did? >> yes he did. he did. the baby probably shouldn't be at the tennis match at that time, you can take him away but it's not a good excuse to throw a ball toward the baby in the stand. hit the tennis ball on the court. don't blame the baby. >> yeah. >> you know work on your concentration, how about that. >> i was giving love to the broncos, 24-14. this is the third year the championship. we do ,,,,,,,,
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